Lennox Necklace


The Lennox Necklace is one of the original and bestselling pieces from day one when the brand launched. The Lennox is a truly versatile piece that was made for layering. This necklace is made with the golden hour in mind with it's delicate sun detail. The quality of this piece will surely last with it's 18K gold plating. The Lennox is made up of a gold plated circular sun pendant and a gold plated 17" paper clip chain. This necklace was designed to create a subtle statement or to be layered with others. 

  • 18K Gold Filled
  • Paper Clip Chain : Trendy But Classic
  • 17" Length Chain : Perfect For Layering

As jewelry lovers, we know how much extra confidence wearing jewelry can give us, that’s why we love what we do at Nash and Ivy. We love helping women feel empowered, and providing them with a small part of their outfit to help them take on the world throughout their day. 

Featured in a collaborative runway show during Paris Fashion Week 22'


Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is either 18k gold plated or 18k gold filled and is designed to last if cared for properly. In order to receive longevity out of your pieces you must treat them with care.

Your jewelry should be the first thing you take off when you get home and the last thing you put on before leaving for the day.

Avoid any chemicals, lotions, fragrances, sunscreen, and salt water when wearing your jewelry to ensure longevity of the gold plating.

Our jewelry isn’t solid gold which means the plating will fade over time. Remove before showering and sleeping to extend the life of your jewelry.

If your jewelry does become dirty you can simply wipe down the piece with a dry soft cloth.